How it's all goin down

Check out the schedule.

A simple schedule for a good time!

Whether you are coming for a good time or going to be battling for the belt, check out the schedule below! We have a mix of team times and attendee times. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thursday Sept 14th | 6pm to 7pm

(Teams) Show up for a site visit and get the lay of the land or set up their stations.

Thursday Sept 14th | 7pm to 8pm

(Teams) Review logistics, rules, etc.


Friday Sept 15th | 8am until done.

It's set up day! Teams can get to the park early to start setting up.

Saturday Sept 16th | 8am to turn in

(Teams) Start Smoking and creating magic.

Saturday Sept 16th | 3pm to 4pm

(Guests) Gates Open to Check the goodies. No tasting yet...

Saturday Sept 16th | 4pm to 6pm

(Guests) Tasting is OPEN till we run out!

Saturday Sept 16th | 5pm to 6pm (ish)

(Everyone) Time for judging.

Saturday Sept 16th | 4:30pm to 5:45pm

(Everyone) Ariel Jean Band Kicks Off the Music!

Saturday Sept 16th | 5:30 pm KCBS TURN IN!

All the KCBS teams turn in thier goodies!

Saturday Sept 16th | 6:45pm (ish)

(Everyone) We thank a few of the Sponsors...

Saturday Sept 16th | 6pm to 7pm

(Guests) American Mile rocks the Stage! 

Saturday Sept 16th | 8pm until we shut it down!

(Guests) Czechmate keeps the party dancing! 

Saturday Sept 16th | 9:30 - 9:45 (ish) Proclaim the New People's Champ

(Everyone) Establish the BEST ribs in town!



Anything we missed?

Shoot us a question and we'll not only answer it but add it to our FAQ!

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