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Check out our list of frequently asked questions about this event below. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, contact us here and we will be sure to answer it for you.

When will we be voting?

The "Winner Winner" tokens will be given to your favorite rib team by 5:45 (ish) or until we run out of ribs.

Counting and announcing the winner is at 7:45(ish).

Can I bring my dog?

We ask that all the puppers hang back. It’s a tight spot and we all know how dogs can get with other dogs.  And then ya...we have that poop part...!

Do I need to bring chairs?

Yup. Bring your chairs to hang out on the lawn, bring a blanket and claim your spot and listen to the bands! Also, it will be good to have to rest your feet while you're eating some amazing smoked meat!

Will there be good parking?

Nope. It's in the Twelve Bridges Park and the idea is to ride your bikes, walk or skate on over!

If you are going to be a competitor, you'll need to get set up early! 

Will I need to pay for tickets?

Yep. We will have tasting packs & cups with 10 tickets in them for adults and 5 tickets for kids. Pick your favorite team and get a rib!

Adults - $25.00

Kids (12 & Under) - 10.00

Pre-purchase your tix here

How many tickets will I get?

Each person that gets a tasting pack ticket, will get 10 tickets.  This will give you 1 rib bone of the team you choose.  

Kids will have 5 bones. Basically, that is a half rack of ribs! With all of the sides that come with the bone, it's a TON of food! 

Ribs go fast so make sure you get there at tasting time!

Will there be alcohol for sale?

Yep! You can pre-buy drink tickets here or buy them at the event!

If Competing, what are we turning in?

For people’s choice, you will be turning in will be all the "winning' tokens that you received throughout the day. We will start the countdown when we're getting light on bones. 


KCBS judging turn in is 5:30 to the judges tent.

Will there be power?

As a competitor, you will need to bring your own power if you pellet.

If you smoke, bring 'yer wood!

Will there be water?

If you are competing, bring water! We will have a hose running from the bathrooms, but you MUST bring your own wash basins.

As a guest, we'll have water to hand out and hand washing stations. Got to be safe at all times!

For those competing. What is the entry fee?

We are working on that now! Stay tuned! Once we have it set, it will get you (quantity to come soon) racks of ribs, some sweet comp shirts, a few beers, and a kick-ass time!

Can we bring additional ribs?

Yup. It's people's choice so the more ribs you have, the better the odds at winning right!

To compete, do I have to live in 12 Bridges?

Nope, we're open for all teams to compete.  If you think you've got some tasty meat...bring it!

Bring the best to compete with the best! 

Where is this happening?

The festivities will be at Twelve Bridges Park in Lincoln. The address is:

Twelve Bridges Park
2450 Eastridge Dr
Lincoln, CA 95648

Anything we missed?

Shoot us a question and we'll not only answer it but add it to our FAQ!

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