2022 Beneficiary

12 Bridges Jr. Rhino Youth Football Program

We're Smoking Meat for A Cause!

Turns out, purchasing helmets, pads, pom-poms and cheerleader gear for 200+ kids isn't cheap!

This year we are partnering with the 12 Bridges Jr. Rhino Board to begin building this new organization for our community.

What did you just generously donate too you ask? 

  • Keeping our 12 Bridges kids busy!
  • Facilitating a team mentality and being a part of something bigger
  • Field use and rental
  • Equipment purchases
  • Growing young hearts and minds to accomplish bigger things in life
  • Helping young boys and girls believe in themselves and what they can accomplish.

To find out more about the organization, Contact us here to get in touch with any questions!

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