2021 Cook Off Team Placements

A HUGE Thank you to each and every team. You brought it! 


See you in 2022!

1: NorCal BBQ

2: Flies On A Rib ROast

3: Dripin Sauce

4: Smokin Bliss

5: Duct Tape Boyz

(T) 6: Drinking Team 

(T) 6: Ford vs. Chevy

7: Slap Yo Mamma

8: Smokin Cherries

9: Up In Smoke

10: 12 Bridges High School

(T) 11: Dead Meat Smoke Squad

(T) 11: Letterkenny Court Crew

(T) 12: Notorious P.I.G. 

(T) 12: Sweet Smokey Death

(T) 13: Blue Line BBQ

(T) 13: Big Boyz BBQ

14: Sizzling Smokers 

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