Ribs Ribs Ribs: The 2023 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off Competition Recap

The 2023 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off was a blast! September 16th at Twelve Bridges Park in Lincoln, CA, was a day for the books. But this wasn’t just any cook-off; it was the first year we got the nod from the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS), and boy, did it make a difference.

We had 27 teams duking it out in the BBQ arena, all for a great cause: Sober Grad Night for 12 Bridges High School. The air was thick with the scent of sizzling ribs, and the community turned up in full force.

Thanks to the Competing Teams of the 2023 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off Competition

First and foremost, let’s tip our BBQ sauce-stained hats to the teams that made this day one for the books. From the rookies to the seasoned pitmasters, you all brought flavor to the competition. It was a tough showdown, and you made it a memorable one. 

Announcing the Champs

A HUGE Thank you to every team. You entered, you prepped, you smoked, and you brought it! Check out the winners here.

People Choice:

1: Bucket Head BBQ (168)

2: TBHS Rhinos (98)

3: Smokin Bliss (92)

KCBS 1 Meat: 

1: Smolder & Wiser (174.3088)

2: aBBY-Q Jerky (174.2856)

3: Smokin Bliss (173.1428)

Shoutout to our Sponsors

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the sponsors who made this event possible. You aren’t just sponsors; you’re the backbone of this smokin’ party. Your support allowed us to bring this mouthwatering event to our community, and for that, we’re genuinely grateful.

Rockstar Music Academy: A big shoutout to Rockstar Music Academy for sponsoring our stage this year. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

Crawford Orthodontics: To Crawford Orthodontics, thank you for sponsoring the judging tent this year. You kept our KCBS judges comfortable and ready to make those tough decisions.

Tytanium Ideas Inc: Tytanium Ideas, your support means the world to us. You helped us take this event to the next level, and we’re incredibly thankful.

California Trailers: California Trailers, your contribution was noticed and played a significant role in making this event a success.

Shanti Landon Supervisor: Shanti Landon Supervisor, we appreciate your commitment to our community. 

Ronee Briley Real Estate: Ronee Briley Real Estate, thank you for being part of our event. Your support helped make it memorable.

Justin Costello from State Farm: Justin Costello from State Farm, your sponsorship added an extra layer of assurance, just like your insurance services.

Pierce X Plam Real Estate: Big shoutout to Pierce X Plam Real Estate. Your support for the community is greatly appreciated.

Cheers to The Tavern at Twelve Bridges for providing the bar and keeping us hydrated and happy all day and night. You truly know how to serve up a good time.

BIG Thanks to our Rockin’ Entertainment

While the ribs were undoubtedly the show’s stars, we knew that some toe-tappin’ tunes were essential. So, we had some fantastic bandsAriel Jean Band, American Mil, and DJ Czechmate that had everyone grooving and moving. A big shoutout to them for adding the perfect soundtrack to our BBQ comp. They were truly incredible!

Claim Your Spot for the 2024 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off Competition

So, there you have it – the 2023 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off. It was a community coming together for a day of great food, music, and fun, all while supporting a fantastic cause. Our first year as a KCBS-sanctioned event was a success, and we’re already looking forward to what 2024 has in store.

Keep those grills hot and those BBQ dreams alive – because the 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off isn’t going anywhere! See you next year!

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