The 2022 Competition Recap

Wow, what a cook-off this was! We’re still in awe and shocked at how incredible our community is; it truly blows us away to see so many families enjoying a day on the field and voting for their favorite teams. Needless to say, we can’t freakin’ wait for next year, but first, it’s important to highlight all of 2022’s glory. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane of what was the biggest and most memorable 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off Competition to date!

Thank You, Sponsors!

If it weren’t for our amazing sponsors, our cook-off comp would probably take place in one of our backyards! Sponsors make the world go around because they enable us to put on an event like this to highlight how badass Lincoln, CA, really is. But don’t let us fool you; this is a beneficial relationship for them, too – we’re not here to take, take, take. This year’s competition, thanks to all of our attendees, was the best place to be for all local businesses and public figures – we even had the Mayor of Lincoln pay us a visit! 

Shot by Sharilyn J Photography (Mayor of Lincoln, CA, at 12 Bridges Rib Cook-Off Competition)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge our 2022 sponsors:

The Music & Entertainment

This year we were lucky enough to witness three incredible bands perform! It’s safe to say the entertainment at this year’s competition was a hit. Learn more about the talents that kept you movin’ and groovin’.

The Cripple Creek Band

Since 2021, The Cripple Creek Band has been playing all over the west coast. They have opened for Toby Keith, Whiskey Meyers, Jon Pardi, Morgan Wallen, Neal McCoy, and many more!

Shot by Sharilyn J Photography (The Cripple Creek Band)

Love Grenade

Love Grenade is the release you need when it’s time to blow off some steam and have a good time. Playing rock and party hits from the classics to today, they’ll have you dancing and banging your head. Come on out to the show as they pull the pin and let it blow.

Shot by Sharilyn J Photography (Love Grenade)

Guilty As Charged

Voted 2022 Lincoln’s Best Band, these kids tear up the stage and rock all the classics!

2022 People’s Champ – Smokin Bliss

The people have spoken… The chosen rib master for our 2022 cook-off competition is Smokin Bliss BBQ! This team brought their A-game and impressed the crowd of hungry Lincoln people with their impeccable smokin’ skills. 

Shot by Sharilyn J Photography (Smokin’ Bliss BBQ Team)

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We Smoked Meat For a Good Cause!

This year, we partnered with the Jr. Rhinos to begin building a new youth sports organization for our community! Because it turns out that purchasing helmets, pads, pom-poms, and cheerleader gear for 200+ kids ain’t cheap.

But guess what? Together, we raised $8,700 for the program! Talk about an incredible accomplishment. And it’s all thanks to you, our attendees!
By attending our comp & eating a bunch of ribs, you generously donated to:

  • Keeping our 12 Bridges kids busy!
  • Facilitating a team mentality and being a part of something bigger
  • Field rental and use
  • Equipment purchases
  • Growing young hearts and minds to accomplish bigger things in life
  • Helping young boys and girls believe in themselves and what they can accomplish.

So, pat yourself on the back because we did the damn thing! See you again next year for more fun, sauce, ribs, and a hell of a good time.

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