Sponsor FACTS You need to know

Check out the deets below...

Becuase of you we can party like it's 1999!

Well hey there!

We are so excited and thankful to have you as sponsor this year's cook-off!

This year will be epic, and we hope you get SO MUCH BUSINESS FROM IT!


An event like this can't happen without sponsors like you!

Our goal for our event sponsors is simple...

  • Have a blast, enjoy the food, and mingle with the great peeps of Lincoln!
  • Get business! Each of your sponsorship locations serves a purpose for the event and has you interacting with people. WORK IT!

So here's what you need to know...

  • Booth set up time - "Gate's" open at 3, so Ideally by 2 would be best. If you want to come earlier than that, feel free. We have the park on Friday as well and will be setting up. If you want to set up then, we will have security all night to watch yo stuff! 
  • Item to bring - Your own swag, tables, chairs, shade, prospect sign-up forms, giveaways etc. It's your setup!
  • Booth locations -  We'll go over that on Thursday the 15, but your areas will be marked out.
  • Booth "Get Up" - Make it fun, interactive, etc. If your location has anything to do with the event, like entry tickets or checking I.D.'s we will have all of that for you.
  • Booth teardownAll of the booths and teams MUST stay until after the last band plays. We don't want to tear down and signal the event is over to all the guests! 
  • Booth power - If you need power let me know, bring it! There will be some generators and lights to plug into.
  • Booth lights - It's going to get dark, so remember to light up your booth if you want to. We do have large flood lights, coming, but... 

Our team/sponsor meeting is on Thursday the 15th at 6 pm.

Meeting location will be at The Tavern At 12 Bridges (if you know then you know!)

We'll go over everything again then.


If you need something extra or special, just call Tyler at (916)243-8458!

I truley appriciate all of you!


Now It's time to work it like Rick James...

Anything we missed?

Shoot us a question and we'll not only answer it but add it to our FAQ!

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