All the things you need to know...

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This is what t's all about!

We are so excited to have you a part of this annual event.

This year will be bigger and more epic once again! 

An event like this can't happen without a kick-ass BBQ team like you! 

Now on to some of the fun logistics and details.

Team/Sponsor meeting will be on Thursday the 14th 6pm.

We'll meet at the Tav (204 Muckross Abbey Court, Lincoln) to hand out your, swag, and enjoy some cocktails. If you want to head to the park to get oriented, you're more than welcome!

If you can't make it, we'll figure something out.

So here's what you need to know...

  • BBQ Station set up time - We're excited to share that we will be able to set up on Friday the 15th. I will be out there most of the day setting up, you figure past 3pm. 
  • Item to bring - Your own swag, tables, chairs, shade etc. It's your setup! Please bring all health and saftey items as well. 3 water/wash basins, and your 3 walls for service.
  • BBQ team locations -  You have your spot picked we'll help guide you
  • Station "Get Up" - Make it fun, interactive etc. Remember your going for that "Peoples Champ" ticket. Smoke some amazing ribs & work it!
  • Station teardown - All of the booths and teams MUST stay until after the last band plays. We don't want to tear down and signal the event is over to all the guests! 
  • Station power - Gotta bring your own. If you are on a pellet grill, bring power. The lights that we use can support power as well. If you're using wood. Bring all you need!
  • Adult Beverages - Bring what you want in your own cooler, just try not to bring glass.
  • Your Gear - We have the park reserved on Sunday as well. So if you'd like to keep your stuff there, and pick up Sunday you can!


For those that have not paid...

Here is the link for a little Venmo action!

Now, All hands in and let's have a epic cook off!


Check Out Previous Teams

This event is ever-growing and only getting better with age.

Are you ready to compete?

Show 12 Bridges what you've got and sign up today.

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